• Bible Study Group

    Bible Study Group

    The Bible is the most widely read book in the world. We believe that it is God-inspired and inerrant, and it has the answers to all life questions. For 2000 years it has been giving:

    An explanation of the origin of humankind and the universe

    A description of the relationship between humans and their Creator

    An account of how evil entered the world and why it continues to affect us

    A history of all that God has done to establish close personal relationships with humans

    Instructions for establishing peace and harmony between people and between humans and God.

    Whole civilizations have been established on principles that were taken from the Bible. Studying the Bible can enrich every unprejudiced person who wants to see their life changed. It is even more effective when it is done in the context of a group and in the form of a discussion.

    We meet every Wednesday at church in order to investigate different passages from God’s Word and see what the Biblical standards for our thinking, speech and action are and how we can apply them in our Christian lives.

    We invite you to take part together with us in the process of transformation that the Word of God is working out in each of us.


    When: Wednesday, 7 pm

  • Teen Group


    Women’s Group

    Women meet in order to share, make friends and see how the Bible can help them in their life of daughter, mother, employee or friend.